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I suffer from headaches. My doctor has given me painkiller codeine and the problem with codeine is my tolerance builds up very quickly. The first day i take it 400mg, it works fine but on the next day i have to increase the dose otherwise it will not have any effect and the third day i maximize it to highest dose and after that i don't get any effects from it unless i wait about a week. I have taken morphine and i got side effects from it which makes me itch all over my entire body. I have also tried Tramadol with not effect on my pain.

I want to know if there are any other medication which can relief pain like codeine so that i can take codeine for three days and take the other medicine in the meantime while wait for the codeine tolerance to go away?

According to what type of headache you have, there are lots of better options. Ibuprofen works really well, but takes about an hour to work. In the interim, Fioricet is a good option. It is good for tension headaches. You may be having a problem of "rebound headaches" from the codeine. That happens a lot with narcotics. But, I would suggest you first try either Excedrin Migraine (which is over the counter) or ask the dr for Fioricet, then see what happens.

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