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Dear Sir: I was diagnosed with cervical stenosis last fall and had my limit of steroid injections at the time. I recently lost my job and medical benefits. I will have a new job and benefits as of August 23, but due to the physical stress of packing and moving out of state, my symptom have become very difficult to deal with. Both arms and hands are almost continuously "falling in and out of sleep" with tingling, numbness, ache, and shooting pains. Are there any exercises, techniques, or other therapies, or do you know any websites that will help me manage my discomfort until I can see a doctor again?

Hello, Helen,

Please send email to  The address is used for another condition, but there are exercises in that regimen that can help relieve the condition of neck tension that leads both to stenosis and to the nerve entrapments that cause the symptoms you're experiencing.

The exercises in Unit 1 and the exercises, Reciprocity and The Wheels of Synchrony in Unit 2, are particularly applicable, although all of the exercises will do you good.

Learn more about the approach on this page:
and more about neck conditions on this page:

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