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QUESTION: I have a headache for a week and I still have it to this day.
What I notice is that, my eyes are heavy, and it feels like it will popped out anytime.
I have neck pain, back pain and it hard for me to fall asleep.
And a lil bit of leg pain, on my right.

What is it really? I haven't experienced this before.


ANSWER: Dear Umairah,

It can be a number of different things or their combination. I would check the following:

- High blood pressure
- Herpes virus outbreak
- High intraocular (inside eye) pressure
- Infection

If possible, discuss it with a medical professional. Before that, you might want to try 1) L-Lysine supplement to get the herpes under control; 2) take unti-hypertensive and/or diuretic pills and/or limit your sodium (salt) intake; 3) eat more cucumbers, watermelon, fermented milk to get rid of extra fluids; 4) soak in salted water in a tub or in the sea to squeeze fluids from the tissues.

Of course, take aspirin for the pain and to reduce inflammation. Do some gentle stretching exercises to soften the neck muscles (head rotation, etc.

Do not hesitate asking me further questions


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QUESTION: Hello Doctor Tatiana Zilberter,

Thanks for your answer. I want to give you some updates and a question, again.

I recently went to my doctor and asked about my headache. She told me that I'm just lack of calcium in my blood and I need to drink more water/milk. I have been drinking a lot of water and milk, but it seems like my head is still spinning around and sometimes I got blurred vision for secs and then I can see normally. I'm not short-sighted by the way. I'm sweating a lot when my head hurts. I'm only 14 years old and a girl. It has happened almost three weeks(?) and I'm still stuck because I do not know what should I do. I even eat the calcium supplement my mom bought for me.

I hope you can help my again this time. Thanks.


I am sorry about your continuing problem. Milk alone can be not enough if it's all about Ca. Water is of no help at all in this case. As I said before, eat more cucumbers, watermelon, FERMENTED milk like yogurt or kefir. I would also add magnesium supplements, maybe you can find magnesium oil to rub into your skin, this would be the most efficient. Please let me know if you need more help in getting those.

Did you have chicken pox? If yes, you might also try taking L-Lysine supplements to keep under control the Herpes virus left in your nerves after the disease.

Good luck,

Tanya Zilberter  

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