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HI ,
i am a 24 year old female form India. from last 6/7 months, i keep getting really bad headaches everytime i shake my head even in the slightest bit, or change posture. i feel heavy in my head almost all the time, and feel it in my eyes too. i feel slightly dizzy whenever i climb stairs quickly or sit down quickly, please help.

Dear Sunita,

There might be quite a few reasons for your condition: from high blood pressure to Herpes virus outbreak, to name just two. Did you measure your blood pressure? Do you have chicken pox in your health history? Did you check your vestibular system condition? I strongly advise that you consult with a doctor. To relieve your condition in any case, you might want to learn how to self-massage your neck, face, and head, there are intstructions available on I would also try Tai Chi exercises like the Silk Reeling series also available on Please let me know whether you need help with finding the videos. Take a look at the MTS method of non-pharmacological pain relief at - this is what I personally use for pain and hypertensia.

Good luck,

Tanya Zilberter

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