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Hi I am having scar pain. I had my stomach cut open below my belly button. I had 3 abscesses my surgeon took out. He left 3 holes open to drain the fluid out. I had nurses changinging the packing everyday. 6 months later after it has healed I am having scar pain. It is a stabbing and shooting pain. I have tried lidocaine patches they don't work. I asked my doctor he said it was because it is still healing. Is their anything I can do or is their anything that could be wrong. Thanks.

Hello, Sean,

I think that the pain, though in the vicinity of the scars, comes from muscular contractions triggered by the episode and surgery; that would explain stabbing and shooting pain.

Please see this entry for more explanation.  | | Some simple somatic education exercises ought to resolve the problem. These are not strengthening exercises, but movement exercises to bring the muscular contraction under your control and to rest.  The pains should end, then.

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