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I came down with plantar faciitis in the Fall, probably as a result of cheap runners on pavement. I had it once before in the same foot, and an ex-ray revealed a small heel spur.
I have used a night sock to eliminate morning stiffness, and three cortisone shots killed most of the pain. My doc says now I have to wait a few months to get another if I need it.
I can only walk for a few minutes and cant run , so its really affecting my ability to exercise.
I wanted to try acupuncture as it worked well for a knee meniscus tear, but the clinic I called recommended I start with shock wave therapy.
What do you think? Thanks for your thoughts!

Bud I think that any kind of alternative therapy would be fine to try for this as long as your insurance covers it or you can afford to pay for it. I'm not so sure what the shockwave therapy is, I think that's pretty much like ultrasound therapy which may very well work.I would like to see you get away from using these Cortisone shots every few months because all they are doing a suppressing the inflammation, so even if you have to see a podiatrist- foot surgeon, and possibly have the spur surgically ground down, personally I think that is superior to relying on these Cortisone shots every few months. I certainly do believe in many alternative therapies such as acupuncture ultrasound, heat, massage therapy etc. I wish you much luck. if I can help you further please let me know

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