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"Hello and first thank you for answering my question.
Years ago I was diagnosed with elongated styloid process on a cat scan. This said it could cause upper phalangeal discomfort.
Back to the present day, I've been having dizziness and balance problems for around 9 weeks. Friends suggested this could be Eagles Syndrome, so I had a cat scan results:
History: Dizziness and ear pain
Technique: Non-contrast scans
Findings: The ventricles and extra-parenchymal fluid spaces appear normal. There is no midline shift. There are no areas of abnormal parenchymal attenuation or swelling. There is no mass lesion, haemorrhage or surface fluid collection.

No petrous temporal abnormality seen on either side, with normal pneumatisations of the middle ear cavities and mastoid air cells. Internal auditory canals and remaining inner ear structures appear normal. No petrous temporal soft tissue mass or bony destruction.

Mind - moderate polypoid inflammatory mucosal thickenings in both maxillary sinuses, significantly worse on the left. Minor mucosal thickening in the left spenoid sinus. Remaining paranasal sinuses are clear.

Comment: No intracranial or petrous temporal abnormality demonstrated.

Does this mean that my elongated styloid process has been picked up or not been shown ? If it has been shown does that mean it's doing no damage. I have tight muscles in my neck and scared that it might be affecting my carotid artery. Would the styloid bone be picked up at all and mentioned if this was a problem.

Kind Regards


Dear Karen,

I can only offer general discussion of your symptoms and generic, non-medical ways of relief - since I am a PhD but not an MD. I think I might have some ideas of alternative (to the Eagles Syndrome) explanation and a couple of safe and efficient approaches to ease your condition. This being said, here we go.

1. If you wouldn't write about your (maybe former) styloid problem, I could suspect Herpes virus neuralgia. Almost everybody harbors Herpes and more than a half of the hosts experience periodic recurrences. Good news is, it's really easy to check and remedy. Try the L-Lysine supplement, 2 grams a day until the symptoms subside, then continue with 1-1.5 grams a day. Take it with or after meals and with a toll glass of water, better with alkaline mineral water. It's no cure but reduces the risk of recurrences in 45%.

Herpes activation may indeed cause your symptoms and if left untreated, may cause increasing neurological and cognitive symptoms because it spreads along the trigeminal nerves and up into brain temporal cortex harming ear nerves on its way.

2. Concerning the pain part of your problem, I would highly recommend reflexo-therapy (read about it's rationale here) - if you are impressed, you might want to search Amazon or eBay stores for Shakti mat, Lyapko's applicators and the like.

Let me tell you that I do use the Lysine and applicator things on daily basis for years and it does work.

Please don't hesitate asking me any further questions and sorry I couldn't be of more help due to my status limitation, but I am sure both approaches I described are worth trying.

Best wishes,

Tanya Zilberter

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