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QUESTION: Hello,  I'm trying to ease my eye and head pains, and get to the root of this problem if possible.

I get a lot of pain in my left eye and headaches. My eyes are sensitive to light when I have headaches. Sometimes, my left eye throbs and pulsates. I get this pain after many activities. I think the pain is worst after extended amounts of time reading. The pain is only in my left eye, not the right one. The pain mostly starts after I do things like reading. The pain lasts, even when I try to sleep. Sometimes, after going to bed, I wake up in the morning, and my left eye still hurts. The ophthalmologist diagnosed my eye pain as iritis in my left eye and said that the iris is inflamed. He wants to prescribe steroids. Do you have any suggestions of natural remedies for this?

Also, he said that iritis is often related to Lyme disease, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases. He prescribed bloodwork. Years ago, I did wake up to a tick on my forehead. Do you think I might have Lyme disease?

Additionally, I have other health problems that may be related to the iritis. I have a weird pain in my left lower jaw, and a less frequent pain in my right lower jaw. I also have a kidney infection, which is currently being treated with whole food supplements. I also have yeast infections in my stomach and liver, and I'm treating them with Myrrh gum. I also feel weird nerve sensations, like zigzagging or crawling, in the lower back of my head, and I have these nerve sensations in my arms and legs, though the sensations is most common in the head. I also feel sporadic vibrations along my legs and head.  I also have a cyst on my right leg. I also have neck and back pain, especially on my left side. Sometimes, when I'm reading, I get sharp back pain on my upper left part of the back. I also have toenail and foot fungus, which I am currently treating with tea tree oil. I also get stomach pain when running. I also have a hard time falling asleep; it takes a lot of time.

Years before the eye pain began, I also got pain in my left knee. My doctor thinks that my knee is healthy, and that the pain is referred pain--perhaps from my liver or stomach infections.

The headaches are pretty severe. They make me feel exhausted. I often get pain on the left side of my forehead, directly above my left eye. The pain is also in different areas of my head. When I get headaches, I crave sugar and fatty foods. The doctor used a machine to take photos of the nerves inside my eyes, and the nerves look healthy. My retina is also healthy.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my eye and head pain fixed? Before the eye pain began in May 2013, I would spend a lot of time reading; I was very devoted to my studies, and often stressed and afraid of not doing perfectly on exams. These eye pains have really disrupted my life. I have seen countless doctors, and many are confused about my health problems. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can relieve my eye and head pain. I believe that holistic remedies are the most powerful. Do you have any ideas on what could be the root of my health problems? I am trying very hard to get healthy. I have been practicing yoga and making dietary changes lately, and I'm trying to learn more things I can do to get my body healthy again. Thank you for the help.

ANSWER: Dear Angelica,

I think, there's a big chance that at least a part of your problem can be caused by Herpes virus. I know you might want to learn more about it and I am going to post a summaries of the vast research into this problem. As soon as it's ready, I'll notify you. But you can start doing a couple of things today, there's nothing to lose and it's completely safe to try. Here is what I think can help you.

1. Try to radically decrease the Herpes chances for multiplying. Clinical trial suggest that continuous L-lysin supplementation with 1 g twice a day controls Herpes and can even prevent Herpes-initiated cognitive decline and encephalopathies. It works for my trigeminal neuralgia with really bad headaches, for decades.

2. For your iris problem, try Innoxa Blue Drops  (find on Amazon) - French eye drops containing soothing herbal infusions plus methylene blue. Methylene blue is a very well researched neuro-protector, regenerating, anti-inflammatory agent and a potent antioxidant used in ophthalmology. I personally use these drops regularly ton prevent my Herpes from spreading into eyes - with good results.

3. I strongly recommend you to try mechanical tactile stimulation, general and local, to improve circulation, initiate hyperemia (it "warms" your body parts from the inside and is a good painkiller). For this point, I recommend that you read about the method at
ASHA Therapy. You can search for the devices available all over the internet under different names, but read the research basics for the ASHA first.

I promise to update my answer ASAP.

Tanya Zilberter

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Tanya, Thank you very much for the information. I'm looking forward to trying your suggestions. For the eye drops, can you suggest how often to take them? Also, according to this website the eye drops are to be all used within 15 days of opening their package. Do you know if the eye drops are still fresh enough for use even more than 15 days after the package is opened? Also, my eye pain is only in my left eye. Do you think that the eye drops change the appearance of the user's eyes? In that case, should I use the eye drops in both eyes, or only in the eye that has inflammation?
I really appreciate the eye drop suggestion. I really wanted to find a natural way to reduce the inflammation in my eye, so these eye drops sound perfect!

I'm surprised to hear that I might have the Herpes virus. Do you think it's also a possibility that my kidney and liver infections are the root cause of the inflammation in my left eye?
I'm looking forward to seeing the research that you'll post.
Thank you again, Tanya, for all the help!

Hi Angelica,

The French are usually anxious regarding any kind of freshness. My French ophthalmologist thinks that the shelf life of eye drops are unreasonably shortened and he suspects that it's lobbied by pharmaco companies. As to this particular drops, there's no sense to be talking about their expiration since then contain methylene blue, which is a potent disinfectant and conservant. We use them for definitely longer periods of time. You can treat both of your eyes, your eye color will not be affected.

I do not think that your kidneys and liver are infected by Herpes, this virus lives in the nerve tissue. You might want to talk to your Doc about Herpes and maybe ask for a blood lab test. If Herpes is present in your blood, you may benefit from a course of anti-Herpes medication, then you most probably will need to maintain control by L-Lysine. If you think my summaries and maybe full text articles will help you to talk to your physician, then please wait till I'm ready. You might want to try mechanical tactile stimulation for your kidney and liver areas. Take a look at the zones of skin projections of these organs (Figure 5) at (there's a download option).

Talk to you soon,


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