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I am in charge of occupational health and safety in 20 clothes store all around venezuela. We have plenty of workers complyning of pain due to long lasting standing. It is forbbiden to have chaires. Especcially girls have troubles with varicouse veins. The cashiers stand for more than 5 hours in the same position. what could I do?

Hello, Anton,

Provide a break room with chairs.

Varicose veins form when the muscles of the leg get tight and stay tight, forcing blood to circulate through the narrower, surface veins, rather than through the larger, deep veins that carries circulation in the healthy condition. Standing for long periods has that effect:  heightened muscle tension. The tightening of the muscles is also the cause of fatigue.

You may visit this page and learn the exercise shown, then teach or have it taught to the workers.  That exercise causes the legs and feet to relax.

Also, calisthenic exercises would help:  "jumping jacks", "windmills", and running in place -- also to be done in the furnished break room. If you don't know the exercises, you may search Google for video. In Japanese factories, workers do these exercises at the workstation, regularly.

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