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I am 56. Three years ago I injured both knees playing soccer, a torn meniscus in the left and a pulled ligament in the right. It took three years and an operation on the left to the point where they feel almost normal and don't give out anymore. The last hurdle is the fact that as a bus driver, I sit for extended periods, then when I get up, they are very weak, and I need support for the first few seconds, then I limp for a few more until they normalize. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I have tried exercising, and doing thigh and ham curls on a bench, and although they feel stronger, the weak knee issue is still there. Thanks!

Hi Bud,

Although your question is not exactly about pain, I think I can suggest a few things to improve your condition. First of all, your injury just aggravated things, which happen to any person who sits for long period of time. Ironically, the link between general health risks and sitting researchers found back in 1950s and specifically for London bus drivers. The risks were twice as high as in bus conductors on the same buses. Currently, the risks of sitting too long are described:

112% increase in risk of diabetes
147% increase in cardiovascular events
90% increase in death caused by cardiovascular events
49% increase in death from any cause

Bad news is, you cannot compensate sitting by exercising even for an hour every day.

Concerning your particular case, current recommendations for bus drivers are:

a) adjust the seat in order to avoid greater than 90 of hip extension and greater than 60 of knee flexion;
b) at every stop, the least  your can do is STANDING UP for as long as you can;
c) better yet, do squats (even less than 1/4), knee bends, tilts, and gentle knee swings/rotations;
d) massage the soft tissues around your knees and contract

Although these are very short and mild moves, they will keep your leg circulation active. Consider more ways to activate circulation, which you can do at home and I recommend that you give a try to any of the numerous tactile stimulation devices sold all over the Net under various names like Shaktimat, Yogamat, Lyapko Applicator, etc. To learn what this method can do for you, read about ASHA therapy.

Read more about knee ligaments here

I hope it helms and don't hesitate asking me any further questions.

Tanya Zilberter  

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