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I have been prescribed Cesamet for neuropathic foot pain. I have been taking this for 3 weeks and I don't find it to have any effect. Is this a medication that is only effective after time or should it have worked by now ? I don't wish to continue to take it without good reason. Risk of addiction and other side effects etc.

Hi, Russell,

Drugs for pain are the half-measure commonly prescribed by doctors. They do nothing for the cause, but only mask the pain so tissue damage may occur without inconvenience -- until later.

Neuropathic is just a hundred-dollar word for saying, caused by the nerves. Well, the nerves only report what's going on.

So, find out what that is.

Meanwhile, you may do the following exercise to remove the most common cause of foot pain.

See, also, the foot pain entry on this page:  

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