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Hello, i have been suffering from what i think is tmj/tmd but also think i have so many other issues. I have been prescribed the best muscle relax pills and tramadol an it doesnt even touch my pain. I am in constant pain in my left jaw. It hurts when i brush my teeth, wash my face, eat, drink an justt anything you can think of. I also get this constant excruciating stinging pain that lasts about maybe 5 seconds and stops an comes back every 30 seconds... this can last to about half an hour to longer. I try ice but makes it seem like it just makes it worse... i have done all kinds of research online an think that it is TN..( Trigeminal Neuralgia). But i also think my jaw is maybe dislocated or something. I just got done eating a pretty soft sandwich an it caused my jaw to pop out and it is soo painful an when it pops it usually causes the stinging episodes. It would be really helpful an i would have some what of i relief if you could tell me what you think i might have.. thank you so much

I think you might be right that you have trigeminal neuralgia. I also have it, for years and I think my experience can help you, too. First of all, any neuralgia is aggravated by Herpes virus and this is a good news since there's a means to fight it. Dislocation can be excluded by x-ray or scan imaging, but in any case, try taking L-lysin (amino acid supplement), it prevents the virus from excessive multiplying. Start with 2 grams following 1 g every 2 hours, then take regularly 1 g x 2 times a day.

Another thing in managing any chronic pain is finding a non-drug solution. I use mechanical tactile stimulation, you might want to read about this approach at ASHA Therapy website. Search the Web for something like Shakti mat, or Yoga mat - there are plenty of offers on Amazon and eBay.

Please feel free contacting me with any further questions and/or feedback.

T. Zilberter

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