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My husband is a chronic pain patient and had a spinal fusion last year from L4 to s1, previously fused from 22 years ago from t3 to l4. He has been on a huge dose of oxycontin plus percocet for breakthrough pain since. Because of law changes in other states for oxycontin, his pain specialist has had to start weaning him now. He was on 60mg three times a day, suddenly down to 40mg 3 to 4 times a day with no increase on the percocet. He is not supposed to take the 4th pill often or for long. Future months will also see consistant decreases, even though his pain level has not improved. Unfortunately,  he is going through some withdrawal symptoms now.

I am looking just for an outside opinion for suggestions on how to handle the situation.  I work while he is disabled, but we have 2 children he cares for while i am at work. I worry whether he can handle everything whike suffering from the withdrawal issues.

Any coping suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as well as things to discuss with his doctors.

Thank you!

I received your question, and I have been giving it some thought and a little research. I want to do a little more consulting with the pharmacist, and hope to have an answer for you by Friday. Please don't think that I was neglecting your question. Oftentimes I consult pharmacists  because they have a working knowledge of medications and side effects that doctors often do not have. I will get back to you within the next day.  

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I welcome questions from people who may want a "nurse's perspective" on the subject of chronic pain and pain management. I am a nurse, NOT a physician (MD).I can answer questions on medications, alternative approaches, and the various organs and body systems. There are many avenues to explore with chronic pain. I am against seeing patients suffer simply because healthcare professionals might suspect they are "drug seekers". There are methods of identifying true pain, and this makes patients feel as if they are taken seriously, which they should be.


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