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Hello, I have had this pain in my back going on for a month now. It is in my upper right part and it goes into my upper chest above my breast. It really hurts and very aggravating. I had a thoracotomy three years ago and it does feel like it did after I had my surgery. I did go to the hospital cause I thought I had colasped my lung but they said everything is alright. I do feel were the pain is coming from but there is no relieve. The area above my right breast feels like there is something in there sitting and blocking , it is a weird feeling and it is very aggravating. One day I woke up and it it was suddenly brought on and when ever I moved my neck side to side I would feel a great deal. Now after a month I can move my neck but the pain and discomfort is there at all times with no relieve. Do you think it has to do with the surgery I had or what is going on.               Thanks Lauri

Hello, Lauri,

The common reaction to injuries and surgeries is to tighten up.  Your sensations sound like tight muscles between the ribs and in the neck and could indeed have come from your thoracotomy.

I recommend some sessions with a clinical somatic educator, who can help you retrain your control of those muscles so they relax.

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