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After years of careful consideration of various silicon adherence coatings, superhydrophobic and oiliophobic technologies and molecular nano fibrous structures that repel certain polyethyl glycerides, I have developed something that no one in history has yet matched.  I have created, for the game of paintball, after hundreds of hours of meticulous designing and research, a suit of invulnerability.  
    According to my calculations, whenever a paintball breaks and paint splashes against the suit, the paint repellent coating on the suit should allow the paint to fall off of the suit, leaving not even a molecule behind.  I could get shot hundreds of times per minute, and not a single millimeter of paint would adhere.  All of it will disperse from the suit, because of its own kinetic energy, likely into a cloud of invisible mist.  
      Someone could shoot the wearer from point blank range, hundreds of times, and would not see a single stain appear on the fabric of the suit.  They would see the paintball approach the suit, and just disappear into a cloud of deflected mist upon impact.  Because this suit deflects paintball paint without the use of thick padding, the suit would, at first glance, be completely inconspicuous.  Even the mask and visor could be made paint resistant, without obstructing vision, because of the coating's translucence.

    According to the internationally accepted rules of the sport of Paintball, one is typically out if the ball breaks and leaves a visible mark, or if they run out of ammunition.  My suit, at least technically, obeys such rules.  

      My questions are as follows:  Do you think that this suit is too advanced to use fairly?  Do you think that there are certain types of games (woodsball, speedball, big games, mil sim, etc.)  in which this suit would be allowed?  Would you personally be intimidated by such a player, would you want to be allied with them, would you want them on your team?  Do you find this to be an interesting concept, considering that no one has ever done this, until now?

Please note that this suit is the result of years of research and development, and if it sounds far fetched or exotic, or fake, it is certainly real, and very unique.  I am proud to have had the gratuitous fortune of being the lone man to have built such a miraculous technological specimen.

As interesting as this is, there is one simple way to answer and acknowledge your questions. It is not something to be used in paintball. There is already an unbelievable amount of cheaters, "wipers", in this game, and adding a suit that makes cheating that much easier, is not going to work out. I can guarantee you that no respectable paintball facility will allow this on their field. The point behind a paintball, is to leave a visible mark on you so you know when you or someone else is hit. Eliminating that factor virtually eliminates the game. So, yes, that is a neat idea, but has no place in the paintball industry.  


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