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Paintball/paint ball bore size


Hi, I'm wondering if a .682 size barrel will fit with JT toxin paintballs I cant find the answer to this anywhere I already have the barrel but wondering if the paintballs will fit correctly without problems. thanks for your time.

Hi Garrett, sorry for the delay in this answer.

It all depends on the case really. Even with better brands like Draxxus, your paint won't consistently be the same size. One case the paint may be around .679 and another it could be around .688. But, with today's paint being made smaller and smaller, most paint will be okay with a .682. What I always do is take one of the balls from the case and run it through the barrel before I use the paint, just to see what size barrel I need to use. Ideally, the paint should stop when you put it in the barrel, and just a light blow will push it all the way through, not a big one, just enough to get it down. But if that is the only barrel you have, obviously you are stuck using it no matter what.

Hope this helps.


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