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my partners and i are in a high school engineering program and were wanting possible input from you. We are trying to design a cheap and easily accessible paintball mask that is more comfortable and helps reduce fog better. We want it cheaper and easily accessible so it can reach the beginner/intermediate player. Such as making it cheap enough where it could be sold at a Wal-mart or sporting good store.

nick- sorry for the late answer. the best I can do is tell you about my experiences with the goggles I have used. the jt walmart goggles are the most common for beginners mainly because they are cheap so you do not have to spend a lot of money if you are just trying the sport for the first time or if you're not sure how long you're going to have them, I still have mine as a back up encase my other goggles get destroyed. on the other end events or dye goggles are expensive but they have some features that are well worth the extra money and that intermediate players would pay extra for. the best I can think of is to do 2 grades of goggles 1 for beginners and 1 for the experienced or serious players. some traits I would incorporate if I was designing goggles would be.

wide view lens with either a double layer to reduce fog or a plastic insert like they use in motorcycle helmets to reduce the chance of fog

foam that does not collect sweat but that is still soft enough that you can wear them for hours.

soft rubber material that is more likely to cause a bounce for the frame of the goggles but not soft enough that the impact will cause injury to the face.

quick change lenses and foam

option to add a fan that wont interfere with the ability to hear  the surroundings and that wont become a larger target for the opposition(maybe a battery pack on the straps to reduce weight on the face)

straps that prevent goggle shifting when running, jumping and rolling.

as you can see most of these features are existing on various other goggle systems but none have all of these features. but a goggle system with all these features would not be cheap or for some one just getting into the sport, which is why most manufactures develop multiple grades of goggles, usually cheap for beginners, intermediate for a little more and top of the line for the serious players but they also cost the most.

I hope this helps with your project, good luck  


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