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My partners and I are in a high school engineering program where we spent the year trying to solve a problem. We are trying to solve the problem of people removing their mask in game to either clear the fog or the mask is causing discomfort. Our goal is to design a new helmet that is more comfortable and is much better resistant to fogging. We intend to borrow some ideas from the airsoft industry where their goggles have vents all over the sides but that allows paint to enter the goggles. Also we intend to make this widely available such as the masks you can find at Wal-mart where it is intended for the beginner or intermediate level player


Not to discourage your project, but to provide some very important information that needs your careful research.

Reviewing and fully understanding relevant technical standards must be done by any product designer/engineer.  There are existing ASTM standards that need your very careful review and clear understanding.  The paintball goggle system standard is one of many paintball-related standards.

Information about ASTM is at  It includes information on becoming an ASTM member.   

Paintball goggle systems, before they are marketed, must be submitted to a certified testing laboratory to ascertain whether they meet applicable standards.  

Different types of protective items have different standards.  A "helmet", such as a batting helmet, motorcycle helmet, bicycling helmet, etc., will have different technical standards.  A paintball goggle system is not a helmet even though some people will use that term.  "Mask" also is simply a word commonly, but not technically, used.  

In ASTM standards, the correct designation for a paintball goggle system is an "eye, face, and head protective device" (EHPD) used in the sport of paintball.  The standard applies uniformly no matter the experience level of the player.

The goal of protective equipment is to minimize the risk of injury.  

This information does not cover all the issues involved.

Follow-up questions welcome.  Be safe.  


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