I have some land that I want to have some of my buddies out on and play paintball. What should I do regarding the CO2 filling for everyone? It's private land in the middle of nowhere so there's no paintball shop to go to to ask for a fill. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am just getting into the sport.


hunter- your best bet is to look around for an air cylinder supplier(companies that sell acetylene and oxygen tanks might also sell co2 fill tanks) or fire safety stores might also sell them. Then you will need a co2 fill station adaptor for your fill tank and a scale(electronic with tare function makes things a lot easier). it sounds like a lot but after you get over the cost of the fill station and scale it is actually extremely affordable to fill your own tanks. the process is relatively simple:
1. attach the marker tank to be filled to your fill station asa and screw down the plunger on the fill station asa.
2. open the bleed valve on the fill station
3 wait till the tank to be filled is empty( turning the tank upside down may speed up the process)
4 weigh the empty weight of the marker tank to be filled and write it down or press tare
5 close the bleed valve
6 open the valve on your co2 fill tank slowly
7 watch the weight going into the marker tank making sure you do not exceed the capacity of the tank being filled
8 close the valve on the fill tank
9 loosen the plunger on the asa attached to your marker tank
10 briefly open the bleed valve to release the pressure in the fill line
11 unscrew the full marker tank from the fill station asa.

- make sure all of the tanks hydro stamp is up-to-date
-keep extra burst disks on hand
-you cannot top up co2 tanks you need to empty fully first
-if the entire tank capacity wont go into the tank try turning off the fill tank and bleeding the marker tank for a second then resume filling
-colder co2 is easier and faster to fill
-"marker tank" is the tank that you use when you play paintball 12,20oz etc.
-only bleed tanks in a ventilated area    

here is a link to where you can buy the fill station


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