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So I am setting up a paintball field at my college and will actually be sharing space with a parking lot. To prevent any damages to cars I wanted to know if there was any relatively cheap paintball netting to protect the neighboring cars and spectators. Is there any site you can recommend I purchase the netting from ??

Thank You,
Matthew Smith

hi matt- there is nothing that I know of that would be a cheap alternative to paintball netting that could be easily taken down or removed. personally netting is the last thing I would want to save money on. after all the netting is the main protection for the bystanders and the other objects that you don't want to get shot up, and the last thing you want is a paintball to rip through cheap netting and injure someone or damage property because you could very well have a lawsuit thrown at you or the college and having that end up on the news is never good for the sport. good luck I appreciate what you are doing for the sport.


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