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My inquiry is similar to that of Stuart who wrote to you earlier this year(email pasted below)...

Do you have any information on Johan Bauer Paintings?

I have a certificate that states  - among other things - he was born on the 13th of April, 1933 in Delft.

I have a painting that I inherited form my uncle (who was stationed in Germany in the 1970's).




About 36 years ago in 1975, whilst stationed in Germany, my
wife and I bought an oil painting from the Josef Mensing Gallery, as an investment.Translated its called water fall in the high mountains.(Wasserfalle im hochgebirge)  

At the time we paid around 400 Deutschmarks for it

However, recent research has suggested that the name 'BAUER' is in fact a pseudonym, and paintings with his/her name in the bottom right-hand corner, may in fact be copies of earlier works painted by other more well-known artists.

I can't find any references to the name BAUER anywhere, particularly when associated with the Josef Mensing Gallery, so I would like to know if you have more up to date information from your sources in Berlin.

I'm assuming that if I've ended up with a copy rather than an original, its current value will reflect that.

Your answer will be of interest to many ex-service personnel who purchased art from Mensing's in the seventies, thinking that they were buying investments.

It has a number on the back 31112 5403/350, I still have the contract number paper work 825/03117 dated 03/11/1975

Thank you very much.


Dear Andrew,

I am sorry but my colleague in Germany passed away and I have had no success in finding someone else to help with questions regarding German Paintings.  In the event that I do obtain any further information regarding Bauer Paintings, I will contact Stuart as well as yourself.

By the way, I did send a letter to Mensing's Gallery but have yet to hear a reply.

Robert M. Vincent


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