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Dear Mr. Robert M. Vincent, I found this painting on the internet sometime in June 2012, and saved it because I liked it. Now it would be very important to me to know who this author is, if possible, and if they are still alive. I Thank you! It is a Madonna with child and a red background. It looks like an oil painting to me. I have NO IDEA if it is copyrighted. THANK YOU. -Lucia

Dear Lucia,

I do not recognize this painting and after substantial research; unfortunately, I have no idea who painted it.  In regards to your question as to it being copyrighted, my recommendation is that you consider it copyrighted.  Another words, I would not reproduce, distribute, nor display this image without permission from the artist and/or the owner.

I am sorry I could not provide more information but if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Robert M. Vincent


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