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Hi Robert

i hope you are well! I have just started a job after years and they have given me a task of fining the creators of certain arts that are on their website but have not given me any clue or indication who they are or how to find them and this job is a target base job and I do not want to loose it as its my first job in years. I hope you can help me. This link has all the arts and paintings they have given me so if you could please help me to find the artists/painters name and their details as in name, contact details etc i would be very grateful!

Many thank

Dear Daniel,

I am very happy for you regarding your new job.  However, if you read my "Bio," it states that I do not identify any paintings and/or works of art you may have.  The main reason for my choice not to identify paintings and/or works of art is because a very large percentage of artwork that the average person owns is typically done by artists that are not well known or they have never had their artwork cataloged.  This makes it very hard if not almost impossible to identify.

What I can do for you is to recommend some websites that may help you in your search.  Try,,  In addition to these websites, I would highly recommend utilizing the experts at museums, the fine arts department at local universities, and local art galleries in your area.

I truly wish you all the luck in the world.  Merry Christmas!

Robert M. Vincent


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