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Forest Resurrection
Forest Resurrection  

Greetings:  I am looking for any information you can provide on the attached image of the Byron Birdsall print titled "Forest Ressurection". The signature(see attached image) and title are hand-written in pencil.  It is also numbered 480/500. The date on the print is 1981.  I have not even been able to find another image of this print.  I have not taken it out of the frame so I don't know if there is any additional information on it.  Anyway, I hope you can use your expertise to enrich my knowledge =)  Thank you in advance.

Dear Deanna,

I have searched 2 Galleries that carry Byron Birdsall's work (i.e., Kirsten Gallery, & Annie Kaill's Gallery) and neither have "Forest Ressurection."  My guess is that Mr. Birdsall has discontinued having editions of "Forest Ressurection" printed.  However, I do not know this for sure.  The contact numbers for the above mentioned galleries are as follows:

Kirsten Gallery
5320 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 . (206) 522-2011

Annie Kaill's Gallery
244 Front Street, Juneau AK 99801
Phone: 907.586.2880 -- Fax: 907.463.5421

I hope this helps!

Robert M. Vincent


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