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Complete painting
Complete painting  

Degas signature
Degas signature  
I have a seemingly old oil painting, measuring 10-1/2"x13-1/2", which is signed "Degas" in the lower right quandrant. On the back of the frame is written "List. to the Birds by Degas", I assume that would mean Listening to the Birds. I am pretty sure that the picture was given to my mother by her sister. Both are deceased so I can not confirm anything about it. My mother's sister was married to a doctor who practiced medicine in and around the New Orleans area from the late 1920's to the early 1960's. Of course, my uncle is also deceased so I can't get any info from him either. Without spending a lot of money to find what I have is a fake, how can I get some inexpensive idea whether or not to proceed? I have several pictures but it seems that I can send only two with my question. Any suggestions that you have are greatly appreciated.

Dear Robert,

Please tell me what was your uncle's name?  Also, could you tell me what was his area of specialty (i.e., Neurosurgeon, Urology, etc., etc.)?  I am from Louisiana and know many people from the New Orleans Area.  In addition, my father is a physician and went to school at Tulane, so he may have known your uncle.  Before you send this information, I would highly recommend that you check the private option to yes.

I have other information about this painting but will wait until I receive your response with the private checked yes.

Robert M. Vincent


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