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Dear Mr. Vincent,

This painting came into my life while visiting an early winter huge tent sale on a very windy and cold afternoon in the parking lot of the largest, nicest, and closest mall I lived nearest to.  There were actually many beautiful paintings, but the painting I would like to share most with you is one of the three I bought that day.  There are so many things about this painting I find interesting including everything from color schemes, date painted, and name of the artist all the way to the most highest of likelihood scenarios between people shown and not shown in the painting.  I'd really like to know who painted this painting, when it was painted, and if I'm extremely lucky; the artist's interpretation.  It's served as many good conversations.

Thank you,


Dear Geyser,

It appears that the artist's signature on your painting is: Judy Loewi.  Unfortunately I do not know of this artist and my research has yet to yield anything about an artist with this name.  While I agree with you that your painting is quite good, there are many times that very good artists go without any notoriety.  I have sent the photo of your painting to several of my colleagues and if I get an answer to your questions, I will definitely get back with you.

Robert M. Vincent


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