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I found this framed picture.  I cannot find an artist name on it, but it had expensive framing, including acid free board backing.  It's on a basic paper stock and is about 10x 14.  It's pretty interesting looking so I'm wondering if its worth it to reframe it.

Dear Megan,

If you found this painting/print and you like it, then I would say absolutely have it reframed.  So many times I get questions from people wanting to know, "what's my artwork worth?"  As an artist, I get it because unfortunately you can't trade paintings or other artwork for food, gas, etc., etc.  However, what about the intrinsic value of art?  Does it make you happy, does it remind you of a person, place, or thing that is important in your life?

Yes, I would have it reframed.  The right framing can really make a painting/print!  I hope that my response has answered your question.  Thanks for your question and Happy Holidays!

Robert M. Vincent


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