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QUESTION: My mom bought this painting at Goodwill and they claim the artist is Picasso but could not find out if it were to be true or not. Could you please help identify the artist and the paintings name?

ANSWER: Dear Alexa,

This is indeed a painting done by Picasso but I am pretty sure what you have is a print.  From the photo, it does not look like it is a signed and editioned print, simply a print much like a poster.

Is there any information on the back?  Did any provenance come with the painting?


Robert M. Vincent

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QUESTION: It is sealed in a frame. Also yes it does have a signature of Picasso on the front. If you zoom in you might be able to read it. Is there a title for the painting you might think it'd be?

Dear Alexa,

I am sorry about the delay but I have been away from my office.  I simply cannot find your Picasso Poster in any of the catalogued Paintings of Picasso that I have.  It is very similar to his painting, "3 Musicians" but not identical.  I'm wondering if the poster was not photoshoped with some of the images from his paintings.

Where did you get or see this poster?

Robert M. Vincent


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