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Painting/Which Van Gogh painting is this??


Van Gogh
Van Gogh  
A friend claims that he has inherited this painting. He believes it' a genuine Van Gogh, it is signed Vicnent, but I can't seem to find it anywhere on-line.


Dear Kouna,

I have reviewed my albums of catalogued and authenticated Vincent Van Gogh Paintings and did not find this painting in them.  The indispensable catalogue for research purposes remains Jacob-Baart de laFailles's, "The Works of Vincent van Gogh," published in 1928 and the revised edition in 1970.  In 1980, Jan Hulsker continued de la Faille's work and made important corrections in, "The Complete van Gogh."

I don't believe this to be a painting by Vincent van Gogh #besides the fact that I have never seen this painting and cannot find it in my van Gogh Volumes of his catalogued paintings#for several reasons:  The first reason is the signature is wrong, van Gogh signed "Vincent" with a more rounded "V", the signature in the photo you attached is quite angular.  My second concern is the palette choice; it appears to be a bit too monochromatic for van Gogh.

I hope this helps.

Robert M. Vincent


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