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Beautiful Oil Painting
Beautiful Oil Painting  

About 12 years ago, I found this beautiful oil painting at a garage sale (only stopped because I saw it leaning against a table) - the lady didn't like it and was going to take it to the landfill that very afternoon if I hadn't purchased it.  

It is in wonderful condition (no blemishes or marks) with a gilded frame - no signature.  Over the years, I have tried to confirm who created it, but can never find this exact picture.  The only artist I keep coming back to is Edward Charles Williams ... do you think this could be his work?  Or, do you know who else it may be by?  Also, do you know how much it may be worth?

Thank you for your time!

Dear Amber,

Have you removed the frame to see if the signature is hidden by the frame?  If not, I would suggest you do so as long as removing the frame will not harm the painting.  In addition, is there any writing on the back of the painting?

Robert M. Vincent


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