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Harriett. Rex Smith
Harriett. Rex Smith  

 Harriett Rex Smith
Harriett Rex Smith  
Dear Mr. Vincent,
  I love to collect original art, and recently bought this painting at a thrift store. It appears to be watercolor and acrylic and is quite large in size: 29 and 3/4" in height, and 53. and 3/4" in width. The signature is very legible, signed Harriett Rex Smith. It does show signs of age. Can you tell me anything about this beautiful piece of art?

Dear Laura,

Did you receive any provenance with this painting?  I noticed that the "Harriett Rex Smith" signature on your painting does not look exactly like some of her other cataloged works that I have viewed.  However, I am not saying it is not one of her works.  I would need some additional information before I can answer your question.  Besides provenance, is there any information on the back?  Is there a title anywhere on the painting?

Robert M. Vincent


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