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Midnight Mass?
Midnight Mass?  

Midnight Mass Serpent
Midnight Mass Serpent  
This painting has hung on the wall in the dining room of my mothers house since 1952, She told me that as far as she can remember it hung in the dining room of her mother's house, she remembers it from when she was a small child in 1929. She thinks her mother told her once that they bought it in 1910.
To me, it looks like a midnight mass painting around Christmas but seems to have a dark gloom about the picture and a serpent head next to the moon just really puzzles me about this painting. People tell me it's just the clouds but I'm sure it's some kind of serpent head.
I don't know anything else about this painting other than it is in the original frame and it's at least 3 generations old.
The area we are in is Mobile Alabama.
I'd like to know more if you can help.


Dear Stephen,

Contact the fine arts department at Spring Hill College.  The contact information for Spring Hill College is:
Spring Hill College 4000 Dauphin St., Mobile, Alabama 36608 USA 251-380-4000 | 800-742-6704

I attended undergrad (SHC1988) there and they should be able to assist you.

Robert M. Vincent


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