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Hi - I purchased a 22x28 litho from a second hand store many years ago and I am trying to track down more information about the lovely print.  I'm running into dead ends everywhere and during my search, it lead to this site.  Can you help me Barbara?  The litho is No. 497 titled Back to Back and is signed S. Wickstrom.  The publishing company is Ira Roberts Publishing, Inc. 1975. Thank you so much for your time and energy.  I appreciate any information you may have for me.

Hello Tiffani,

It is very difficult to find an artist without a first name, but I did find this site...there is a chance this person may be the artist, but I have no way of knowing for sure.  am sending this just in case it might help!

Best of luck!
Barbara Steele Thibodeaux


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