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Blacksmith Painting
Blacksmith Painting  

Blacksmith signature
Blacksmith signature  
Hello -

I wonder if this painting rings any bells? My great great uncle Herman Hess was apparently a highly successful bootlegger from Newark, NJ during Prohibition.  According to my dad, he "never bought anything cheap." This painting was passed down to my dad, and hung in our home for years (to the chagrin of my mom, who despised it.) My dad loves the painting, as does my husband.  The signature is very dim. Do you have any ideas, or know who I might ask about it?

Thank you for even the smallest piece of advice - Carole

Dear Carole,

I would love to help you but I have to at least have a signature.  I would recommend that you have the painting cleaned.  Is there a university that is close to you that has a fine arts department?  If not, you can always send your painting to a conservator to clean it but it may be expensive.  If there is not a university fine arts department that can help you then I would be happy to give you step by step instructions on how to clean it yourself.  Thereafter, you might be able to see the artists signature more clearly.

Robert M. Vincent


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