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QUESTION: Dear Mr.Vincent,I really need someones opinion on this matter whom at least has some knowledge or idea of what they are talking about. I inherited this beauty just recently but I have no idea much about it. I did take it to a Art Gallery here in Salt Lake City awhile ago where they did authenticate it as being a real oil painting and not a reproduction of any kind. Why cant I find at least a name or title for the painting? Any help or advice would be so appreciated. thankyou

Sincerly, Annie

ANSWER: Dear Annie,

It looks like your painting was painted by Albert Pillet-Dubois (b. 1846, Paris, d. 1890, Le Puy-en-Velay).  Your painting by Dubois was painted in the Pointillism Style.  Dubois, was a French painter and army officer. (His real name: Albert Dubois.) He attended the cadet school at St. Cyr, after which he became and officer and amateur painter. In 1880 he was promoted to Captain of the Republican Guard. He spent time with artists and writers in the Café de la Nouvelle-Athènes. In 1884 he was the organizer and first president of the Société des artistes indépendants, where a Naturalist painting influenced by Manet caused a furious debate. Encouraged by Seurat, he subsequently began to paint pointillist landscapes, open-air genre scenes and portraits. In 1888 and 1890 he exhibited with Les XX in Brussels.

In 1889 he was accused of sympathising with the Bonapartist plot of General Boulanger. He was demoted and transferred to Le Puy as a captain in the gendarmerie. He died of smallpox in 1890.

Robert M. Vincent

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QUESTION: Oh I  am so grateful for your answer and wow how much I have learned about this artist from you, when in fact for months I have searched and came up with dead ends. I dont know if this is a proper question to be asking of you, but is there much value in his paintings of this type. I think they are beautiful. I appreciate your time and your information that you have offered me, thank you and have a good night


Dear Annie,

I am sorry but I do not do online appraisals.

Robert M. Vincent


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