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The attached image is of a painting that was brought to me for framing. The painting apparently was done in oil on canvas that was adhered to a board. The painting did not appear to be signed. Since the owner had no information about the painting and I admittedly have a very limited background in art, I attempted to research the painting's possible original artist online after a local artist commented that painting appeared to be a N.C. Wyeth. I found a page from the Brandywine River Museum website ( referenced a painting once attributed to Wyeth titled "Evening Mail" by Stanley M. Arthurs. Since there is no digital image on the website to compare it to my goal now is to check with someone who may know about this. Thank you for your time and any response.

Dear Phillip,

Go to and enter N.C. Wyeth.  There you will find a painting done by Wyeth.  From the photo you submitted, I would say that it indeed does look like a Wyeth based on similar styles and brushwork.

Robert M. Vincent  


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