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Nu Aux Oranges
Nu Aux Oranges  

Nu Aux Oranges
Nu Aux Oranges  
We found what looks to be a very small 2.75 x 3.75 painting or copy by Henri Matisse called Nu Aux Oranges.  It looks like paint on paper and is beautifully wood and glass framed with a sealed back. Someone took the time and money to beautifully frame this very small painting.... We are puzzled as to what it really is. The pictures being sent are high resolution so you can zoom in

Dear Glenn,

I am sorry to inform you but you have a copy of the original; unfortunately it is not a exact copy.  There are major flaws in your painting.  To begin with, the leaves on the fruit on the upper right side are varying shades of green on the original, in your painting the leaves are all the same hue.  Secondly, the nude figure is not exact compared to the original.  Thirdly, and most compelling is that Matisse signed the original with H.M., not H. Matisse.  Moreover, the Matisse signature on your painting is not correct.

I am sorry that I could not authenticate that you have an original Matisse.  If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Robert M. Vincent


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