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A. Devity  
Hi,I was hoping you could tell me a little more about this painting. I know it is by Antonio Devity. It was given to me by my neighbor who purchased it from the original owner who had gotten the painting directly from A Devity himself. My issue is I cannot find the piece in any of his collections, as it is a very unique piece I am finding it hard to find any information on the painting.

Dear James,

Antonio De Vity (1901-1993)

He was born in Reggio-Calbria in southern Italy.  He lived in Naples and later moved to Rome where he was taught by Giacomo Balla, creator of futurism.  He lived and worked in Paris, then returned to Naples, opening a studio and producing paintings of France and Italy for the remainder of his career.

De Vity's works have won international awards and he is recognized for his bright colors and impressionist treatment of the streets and waterways of Paris and Venice.  (Sourced from askart).

Does the back of your painting have a stamp that is oval with Studio D'Arte & Italia written in the top and bottom borders with Devity in the middle?


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