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Dear Robert,

Thank you for your quick response.  I didn't know paintings came in limited editions.  I thought that was only the case for prints & lithographs.  I would think each painting would be different and don't quite see why an artist would do a series of "limited edition" paintings.  Intriguing.

Thanks again,

Dear Carolyne,

You are correct indeed.  Editioning is almost always used with prints.  While I have seen painting editions before, it is notably the exception rather than the rule.  As to why would the artist do an edition of paintings, my educated guess is that his preferred medium was painting and was attempting to simulate the same process that another artist would do with an etching or lithograph.  With prints, the artist would create the original or master and thereafter, create the prints or editions of the original.  In the case of your painting, I'm sure that the artist "attempted" to create similar if not identical copies of the first painting.  As I know you are aware, this is not likely if not probable.  In addition, it appears that your painting was probably created for tourists to remember their travels to that part of the world.  This might partially explain why the artist editioned your painting.  After creating the original or master painting, the artist would more than likely be able to recreate the subsequent paintings rather quickly which would be perfect for "on-the-spot, while you wait, tourist" paintings.

I truly hope that I have offered some insight to your questions.  Your knowledge of art is refreshing and it has been a pleasure corresponding with you.  If I can be of any future assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Robert M. Vincent


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