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madonna and child
madonna and child  

madonna detail
madonna detail  
dear sir, i have a painting that i have had for about 17 years. i believe it to be an italian renaissance painting of a madonna and child. the more 'research' i do, the more excited i get. i have sent out feelers to experts on renaissance art and have gotten nowhwere. i don't know what they think as they do not return their emails. dimensions 19"x23" oil on OLD canvas. please feel free to contact me with any further questions. thank you, darrin shelton

Dear Darrin,

I am sorry to hear that other "experts" did not respond to your question.  Your painting reminds me of the work by Da Vinci and Giovanni Battista Salvi.  While I am unable to find a match to your painting, I will tell you that you have a very special painting if it is original to the Rennaissance Period.  Can you send me closeup photos of the back of the painting; particularly the canvas and where the frame is joined at the corners.  Also, is there no signature on the painting?


Robert M. Vincent


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