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Painting/who is this and what do you think it's saying?



Hi there

I have a lovely painting which i interpret as 4 women looking wistfully into the distance. MY landlord saw and said she felt it was full of tragedy and woe and desperately sad!  I wonder what your interpretation would be? Also who the artist is as I can't work it out!
Many thanks


Dear Jo,

I am sorry that it has taken me this long to get back with you, I have been in the hospital and my wife would NOT let me use my laptop.  In any event, Allow me to respond to your question.
As an artist, I have always found it more than amusing when art critics try to explain my art or art of other artists.  Please remember that most art critics are not artists but yet they have a "better" understanding of the art than the artist.  I think not!
To be perfectly honest with you, I do think that the artist of your painting intended some sort of symbolism but what that might be; I haven't a clue.  While I fully understand that cool versus warm colors give a totally different feeling, emotion if you will.  However,  I would go on record to say that most painters paint what they paint because that is what they see and like.  For instance, Sir Edmund Hillary #Mountaineer that summitted Mt. Everest in 1953#  responded to the question: "Why did you climb the highest, most deadly mountain in the world?"  "Because it was there!"
Everytime I create a piece of artwork, whether it be a painting, woodwork, glass mosaic, or metal sculpture; I know what inspired me but what it means; well, that is entirely up to the owner!  That to me is what makes artwork so special.
I truly hope that my response helps.


Robert M. Vincent


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