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Painting/Oil on canvas circa 1920



We inherited this painting a decade ago, and would love to know the artist. The hand-typed label on the back reads as follows:

"ZORN says done by his favorite artist student (name may be under frame)
Purchased (around 1920) Des Moines Art Assnc)
when Carpenter insisted he buy it."

Presumably the Carpenter referenced is James Sansom Carpenter, who founded the Des Moines Association of Fine Arts in 1916. According to Wikipedia, "Carpenter was known as the Guru of fine arts by the Des Moines community. Visiting artists and dignitaries came to Des Moines to sell their art and often stayed with the Carpenter's at Oakwood." The reference to Zorn (probably Anders Zorn, the Swedish painter?) and the purchaser's identity are unclear to me.Could it have been painted by a student of Zorn? Or perhaps a local art student favored by Zorn?

The artist's signature, while at least partially visible in the lower right corner, is illegible, at least to me. I'll attach pictures of both the painting, which is 14 x 10 in a 20 x 27 gilded frame and the signature.

Hi Fred,

I'm sorry but I really can't help you on this, it is an excellent painting
I would go to a professional appraiser, or Auction house to see if they can help with this for you.  It would certainly be worth it the painting is really very good.




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