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Girl on Horse
Girl on Horse  
When moving out of our rented apartment, the movers mistakenly packed up the attached framed wall print and it went into long term storage.  We are not back and able to access it for at least a year.  The landlord therefore has used this an excuse to keep our entire rental deposit of $3500, which is no way the value of this painting.  It is just a framed wall print.  They refuse to produce any evidence of its value and so I'm trying to do the legwork myself.  We own quite a bit of art ourselves and our guess is the frame costs more than the print, as is often the case with nicely framed print art.   Has anyone any idea how I could track down who sells or did this print?

Hi Joe,

Your most likely right on the value of this cheap print.  All I can tell you is
to look on line,  sorry I can't be of any more help.  You know very well that no body is going to leave an expensive work of art when you rent the place.  I would take them to a small claims court, they are the ones who need to prove the value of this print to show it is equal to your deposit.  You will need an attorney.




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