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Painting/gouache and fixative


Hi Josef
I have a question about a piece I am working on, it is my first time working on canvas. I primed a prestretched canvas with watercolor primer and have painted a background on it using inks and gouache.

I want to paint some Arabic calligraphy over it which means I will have to draw a lot of guidelines and the outline of the calligraphy in pencil. What I'm worried about is when I rub these out the paint/ink will rub off too, I tested with a rubber in a corner and this did happen.

Do you know how I can get around this, do I need to spray a layer of workable fixative before drawing the guides? Also I plan on painting in the calligraphy using silk emulsion, will this work on canvas?
Thank you for your help


Hello Ahmed,

Thank you for your inquiry, your the first person who has asked for help outside of wanting to know how much a painting is worth or who painted it for that I thank you. I'm really not familiar with the materials you are using, I have worked with watercolor but never with silk emulsion.  I would assume the workable fixative would not work either.

I would just draw the calligraphy smaller then the intended size and then just paint over the existing pencil lines by increasing the size of calligraphy large then the pencil drawings.

Sorry I can't help you more, I paint mainly with oil paint and acrylics for murals.




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