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In looking at my question, I may not have been clear.  The artist who signed the back is my grandfather's cousin, He is supposed to have made his living painting.  So I am asking if you know this artist.  Thanks in advance.  Sorry if my question was not clear.

There are no Foto's, also I'm not an Art Historian, I'm a painter and really do not care
what other artists do or are about, nor am I qualified to answer what a painting is worth, nor do I have the time to take from my painting schedule to start looking for information on other artists.  I would be happy to give you painting tips, other then that I can't help you.  Sorry!.




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Josef-Peter Roemer


I cannot answer questions on the value of paintings, I can answer all technical questions, stretching canvas, materials, from painting portraits to figurative and Narrative paintings. All my answers will be based on how I paint, not how someone else would paint.


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