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Hi so I recently painted my master bedroom a really pretty red, but i painted bits of the ceiling as well.. what can i do to cover that mistake since red is pretty hard to paint over?

Thank you

HI Stacy
by "bits of the ceiling" do you mean that the paint got on the ceiling when you did the walls?
If so, a couple of suggestions:

1. find the original ceiling color, and spot-prime over your 'bits
then touchup with ceiling paint, - hopefully it is a flat finish so you can blend it easily.

2. you did not say, but is the ceiling smooth or textured; If smooth, do item 1 above. If textured, start by using a razor, a flat blade, or sandpaper to 'shave off' any high spots that are the red. if that does not get rid of the spots (assuming that is what happened), then also proceed with number 1 above.

3. whatever you do, use a high quality easy-to-remove painting tape to protect the wall that is at the ceiling, where it overlapped (again, assuming that is what happened).

IN general, regardless of the color, we always have to pay SPECIAL attention to edges and places where colors meet. A funky edge can ruin an otherwise good paint job.
I hope that helps,

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