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Hi Laura,
Our home in North Georgia was built in 1965.  It is brick 4 sides with painted wood trim.  Initially all wood was painted with oil base and the last three times it has been painted with alkyd base.  Alkyd base not holding up well and mildew is becoming a nightmare!!  Had a reputable painter in our area come by and look at it with me.  Said he does not use alkyd base anymore as quality continues to decline.  He said he has used acrylic over alkyd with excellent requires either sanding or special primer to kill sheen.  He said paint manufacturers will not guarantee acrylic over alkyd, but only choice he knows of to replace alkyd.
What is your experience with using acrylic over alkyd??


The thing is they got rid of the oil base paints because of who know why! So now their really are not other choices. My thought is if you used the Alkyd base and it didn't work out great, you only have one other choice which is the acrylic latex. We use acrylic latex on almost all of our exteriors and get no call backs, except for previously peeling paint;and that is rare to!

Can you do a test area and see how it looks and holds up. IDK what else you could do except to add some emulsabond to the paint to add adhesion.
Good luck and I would be happy to know what happens.

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