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Our brick home built in north Georgia in 1965.  Trim painted  each 5 to 7 years with oil/alkyd base paint.  Mildew and cracking/peeling becoming major issues.  Needing to paint again.  Can I change to acrylic/latex.  Can acrylic be applied over oil without priming??...some say yes & some say no...what say you??

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


I would wash all trim with a bleach or chlorine injected into the power washer or if you're using a water hose a simple end attachment for this purpose. Sand everything smooth and perhaps wipe with bleach again if you uncover mildew trapped underneath existing layers. Remove any bleach residue with clean water without flooding the surface (light wipe with wet cloth#. Prime with oil based primer #Benjamin Moore), with mildewcide added from paint store. Top coat with Acrylic or Alkyd enamel, the acrylic will hold up better against UV and remain more flexible with time.

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