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2 questions both dealing with different types of Benjamin Moore paints.
#1 I used BM Super Spec HP DTM paint on two metal doors, one primed and the other had been previously painted. Neither would self level leaving it looking as if it needs more coats and both are taking a longer than normal dry time. What can I do at this point?
#2 I used BM Latex Floor & Patio Paint on a concrete front porch and a wooden back porch(both properly prepped). The coverage was nice and looked good. They have been drying for 3 days and are still tacky to the touch. I also tried and can indent the surface with the pressure of my finger nail. I should note that the day I painted and following up to today have been some hot temps 85-90 degrees, with high humidity 75-100%. What kind of drying times can I expect? Side note raining, 75 degrees and 70%  humidty, finally...

On question #1, I would probably try my best to sand out brush strokes and switch to one of their oil based paints. On question #2, it sounds as if the curing/drying is being slowed by the high humidity. All I can think of is giving it more time, perhaps run some air over it (fan) and see what happens?  We don't deal with too much humidity on the west coast I don't know how you guy's do it.

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