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QUESTION: Having done myself many home improvements in my life, there is one that I have not done yet. That's painting an interior hollow core door which was originally stained and sealed with a high gloss poly. What's the best way to tackle this job? The paint color will be an off white shade.
Thanks for your time & whatever help you have to offer...Ken

ANSWER: I would sand it with 180 grit to really scuff the surface and then prime with 1-2 coats of Benjamin-Moore fresh start oil based primer. After your primer has dried (24hrs) you can either top coat with their Advance satin (waterborne)or Satin Impervo (oil).

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QUESTION: Thanks only thoughts of your answer, is that I hate working with oil base paints. The only real reason is the....  tool cleaning when done..brushes,etc;
Since I have quite a few doors to do (20 doors) and working with an oil base primer paint, what is the best way to be able to re-use my paint brush or (roller if that's better)with the least amount of work to clean them?...Thanks again

With the cost of paint thinner these days I would purchase a no lint roller cover,  perhaps 1/4" or 3/8" nap and throw it away at the end of the day. You might want to use a brush for laying off the roller stipple before it tacks up. You can do this with light vertical passes so that you don't have much sanding to do for the next coat. If you're really opposed to clean up you can dispose brush as well when complete. With this procedure (roll/lay off) 1 coat should be fine for primer.

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